I can’t imagine life without Trees


Trees is plants that have leaves, roots, big rod, much branches, flowers, and fruits. By its leaves we can breathe. The trees can produces Oxygen and Carbohydrate. Trees can produce oxygen by its leaves that process carbon dioxide, sun light, water, and mineral by photosynthesis and become nutition for them. In the body of plant there are so many cells, system, organ. They can operate and do duties of each. The product of plants can give many benefit for human like carbohydrate for energy resourch, vitamin for human health from its fruits, tuber, leaves, etc. Other than that trees can give us oxygen for breath. Much trees in the wood has loging illegally by human just for their greedy without replant other trees to keep our forest. If most of the trees has loging, we must be trouble to get fresh air again. Many forests are removed because people take the forest land for their residences. Much efforts have been made to overcome this trouble for example many people make a garden on their roof top.

Nowadays, people doesn’t make their house by wood but has been replaced the other polymer like rubber, cement, and metals. So we must keep our forest to save our world from global warming that caused my human. Be a great and smart human fot better life. Let’s go green šŸ˜ŠšŸ•šŸ”šŸŒ²šŸŒ±


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