My Skill


Hello.. Welcome back again to my blog.. I am Siti and now I want to tell you about my skill. Skill? What is the meaning of skill? Skill is the ability from one’s knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc, to do something well. So what is your skill?. What is my skill?

My skill is sew. First time I know sew when I was 6 years old. I very love Barbie when in my childhood. My mother teach me how to make a Barbie dress by myself. I just cut some unused cloth and sew it.

When I was teenager, I learn sew for a lesson in my junior high school (SMP). There are so many sew machine there. Most of the student in my class can’t sew and use the sew machine. My mother have one sew machine in my home, so I usually play it. All students must can operate sew machine well to get high score. My teacher teach all students to how to swing the pedal to operate it. We must be consentration to make much straight hole in a paper by that machine. After we can make much hole on a paper, we learn to enter a yarn to the needle of the sew machine. After that, we learn to sew a unused cloth by that sew machine. So now I can sew some ripped clothes like jeans, dress, etc. I want to deepen my knowledge and join the sew course in the future. If I can sew very well, I want to make some real dress for my family.

So that is my skill. How about your skill?. Wish you enjoy this post and like it. Thanks 🙂


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